Top Reasons to Join Our Team

Top reasons to consider a career with Logan Business Machines... 

Enjoy Financial Rewards 
Being a Logan Business Machines Representative is a challenging career. To do this job well, you must know about your customers, your products, your company's capabilities, your team and yourself. Pulling it all together requires skill, experience and persistence. Successful Document Solutions Representatives are well compensated and rewarded. 

Build Relationships That Last
Building good relationships is important. Representatives qualify sales leads and succeed through developing a rapport with their customers and by understanding their customers' business needs. 

Demonstrate Presentation Skills
Representatives have the opportunity to prepare and present business proposals and demonstrate products offered to meet their customers' business needs. 

Enjoy the Empowerment of "Self Employment"
Representatives have assigned territories within which they are empowered to develop their area's business environment. Learning how to become known by your customers and how to link up to the local "people network" are key to your success. 

Experience the Thrill of Success 
There's nothing like a satisfied customer. The pieces come together when you understand your customer's requirements and provide your customer with the solution that meets their requirements. It's a great feeling. 

Work With a Team of Experts
Representatives have many resources they can call on to provide the support they need to help a customer, write a proposal or make a presentation. You'll learn how and when to engage your resources, and how to use their talents, to achieve your goals. 

Become an Expert Yourself
Getting to know customers means getting to know their businesses. Representatives get an insider's look at enterprises across the board. They also develop expertise by studying product lines, by learning about the latest technology and through knowledge sharing with the experts on their teams. 

Learn How to Plan, Organize, Prepare
Representatives learn how to plan a sales budget and develop strategies for meeting goals. It's a great opportunity to enhance organizational skills. 

Meet Interesting People 
Representatives interact daily with professionally focused people, within both Logan Business Machines and customer environments. These interactions increase your confidence, sharpen you skills and improve your ability to succeed. 

Make Your Own Schedule 
Representatives have flexible schedules. They work with their customers to develop a customer contact strategy. The strategy developed usually includes the flexibility to meet the needs of both the representative and the customer. 

Build Your Skill Set
Representatives develop a broad range of skills that enable their success in this position as well as enhance their career progression. 
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